2019 Attendee List

Here is a list of the 2019 D4C Registrants. This page may take up to two days to update, so please be patient if your name is not on the list immediately!

Name City State Vehicle Year Vehicle Description
Buck Clifford Commerce City CO 2001 750iL
Derek Donovan Denver CO 2000 525iT
Carl Geisik Los Alamos NM 2017 M4 Competition
Aubrey Wright Dallas TX 2001 M5
Jared Hood Aurora CO 1997 M3
Jack Hornbeck Arvada CO 2017 340i
Ted Schultz Colorado Springs CO TBD E30
Marc Belz Colorado Springs CO 2013 M3
Andres Alcaraz Oxnard CA 2010 750iL
Andrew Jordan Arvada CO 1997 M3
Timothy Ouzounian     Fort Collins CO 2008 328i
Brenden Smith Grand Junction CO 1974 2002
Jerzy Banasiak Chicago IL 2003 M5
Jonathan van Arsdel Rio Rancho NM 1999 323i
Jeff Shields Colorado Springs CO 1997 328is
Dave Kisner Aurora CO 2015 M235i
Douglas Barton Colorado Springs CO 2012 Alpina B7
Pete Francis Westminster CO 1998 M Roadster
Alejandro Castillo Tucson AZ 1989 325is
Ramon Perez Sterling CO 2011 M3
Brian Williams Fort Collins CO 2016 M3
John Googins Littleton CO 2002 M3 Supercharged
Steven Moody Golden CO 2012 Z4
Matt Hirsch Socorro NM 1976 633CSi
Anil Nutakki Gilbert AZ 2005 M3
Aaron Blair Aurora CO 1991 325i
Tom Schultz Thornton CO 1985 535i
Bryan Bochnowicz Colorado Springs CO 1985 535i
Anthony Bernardo Colorado Springs CO 2002 M3
David Larrabee Parker CO 1998 M Roadster
Renee Sprik Denver CO 2009 Z4
Paul Schultz Parker CO 2008 M5
Greg Scrivner Castle Rock CO 1993 M5
Tim Schultz Parker CO 2007 M6
Brad Culberson Louisville CO 2015 M4
Travis Colson Arvada CO 1983 533i
Benjamin Cecil UNPAID      
Jason Rol UNPAID      
John Di Maggio UNPAID      
Kendra Taylor UNPAID