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  The BMW marque has an extensive history reaching back before World War II. What many people don’t know is how BMW was able to rebound after the war and that a crucial component of BMW history is hidden in the depths of time. Because of this, not all BMW’s from the time period may … Continue reading

Meeting your Heroes


Expectation multiplied by time is usually a formula for crippling disappointment. It’s the reason they say one should never meet your heroes, especially childhood idols, as the length of time between your initial idolisation of them and that chance meeting later in life usually corresponds with a decade or two of depreciation in terms of … Continue reading

Turn Your Hymnals to 2002


Nothing describes the revolutionary BMW 2002 quite like the review done by David E. Davis Jr. in the 1968 Car and Driver magazine. At its time, a 2.0 liter inline four with over 100 horsepower was unheard of in a family saloon car. Enjoy the article enhanced with photos and some original BMW advertisements of … Continue reading

EFI and the Marvels of Mechanical Fuel Injection


The single biggest achievement of automobile improvement in the last four centuries is Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI). Not one single achievement has made as many technical advancements in engine building design than the ability to accurately supply and monitor fuel combustion.  Carburetors worked well when re-jetted correctly but did not offer much versatility for us … Continue reading