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History and Uniqueness


This week, take a look at a unique BMW dubbed the Cafe Racer. Original Article by Retrowriteup on 04/25/2013. Heritage can be defined as something inherited from the past. It is a mixture of history and uniqueness. When it comes to products with heritage, prospective customers buy the product expecting to own a small piece … Continue reading

Whatta Drag


It is uncommon for one to find a task so outrageous that they see it as a challenge. In automotive circles that idea has evolved from school buses that pull wheelies to crazies willing to sit on a motorcycle that has had a Viper V-10 engine strapped to it! So it was equally intriguing when I stumbled up this unique BMW. … Continue reading

Original One


Article originally posted at http://www.autotraderclassics.com/ and pictures were added from http://www.edmunds.com/ Thirty years ago, BMW shocked the world. Buyers weren’t ready and the M1 bombed, but now the M1 is recognized as one of the greatest driver’s cars to have come from Munich. We pay tribute. The moment I truly fall in love with the … Continue reading

The Other e30 M3


Perhaps I am biased (as I own two e30’s), but the BMW econoboxes of the eighties may be some of the best cars ever built. This era brought together everything there was to love about automobiling. Electronic fuel injection changed the game. ABS and steering wheel airbags added just the right amount of safety to … Continue reading