About tschultz

Drive 4 Corners Event Coordinator. Involved in all facets of the Drive 4 Corners Event. I am an avid BMW enthusiast and enjoy driving my E28 and E24. I am enjoy meeting new people who are an enthusiastic about BMW's as I am. info@drive4corners.com

The Unattainable Is Invariably Attractive


As car enthusiasts, we are continuously looking for an improvement; better performance from our vehicles. Our desire for improvement fuels us to spend hours and hours devoted to our vehicles. Maybe it’s determining which  short shift kit will work the best, or researching how a fuel management system will extract more power from our cars. … Continue reading

Colorado BMW Groupë


A recently started a facebook group was made to connect fellow BMW owners in Colorado together. Indeed, it has been a great idea as almost 400 members are apart of the group, and no single central forum has worked as a central place for the BMW community in CO. Well, the Colorado BMW group was made to … Continue reading

The Munich Myth


A car that was all but thought to be a myth by enthusiasts; its existence denied altogether by BMW. We are talking about the former flagship of the BMW line decked out completely with goodies from their performance based Motorsport division; back when they were pumping out icons like the E30 M3 and E28 M5. … Continue reading

E36 M3: Team PTG


The E36 PTG Team had great racing success predecessor to the great E30 M3. Thanks to BMW fanatic Mike Burroughs at Stanceworks, we have some excellent photos of BMW racing history. The racing success of these cars is outlined below, but includes participation in the IMSA GT3 series in 1995,1996, 1997, and 1998. Definitely a … Continue reading

The Ultimate Sledding Machine


BMW & USA Olympic Bobsled Documentary – Driving On Ice from Pat R Notaro III on Vimeo. The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, presented another unique opportunity for athletes from around the world to compete. Athletes prepare for years, and some even decades in order to compete and represent their respective countries. From ski-athalon to Super … Continue reading