Jack’s Toy – Petrolicious


There is almost no BMW more unique than the BMW Isetta. From the three wheel bubble window, to the four wheel executive 600, these little cars earned a place in history. Being the first mass produced 3liters/100kilometer car, the ~9.5 horsepower engine propelled these vehicles (and those daring enough to try) over 50 miles per … Continue reading

European Delivery – Part I


DISCLAIMER: This is a VERY LONG write up. Beginning from what drove me to BMWs and ultimately European Delivery(ED). It also has lots of pictures(selected from over 6,300 taken) and videos(sorry about the wind noise, haven’t had time edit videos). The daily itineraries are broken down with thoughts/reviews in hopes that it will help others … Continue reading

Pikes Peak Run


Stumbling around the 1Addicts forum, I happened upon a thread proposing a BMW drive to the top of Pikes Peak. This sounded interesting and all, especially since I hadn’t ever driven to the top of Pikes Peak myself. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Pikes Peak is one of 54 Colorado mountains above 14,000 feet (14er’s). … Continue reading

How life turned me into a “car guy”


I’m often asked why I have 4 cars. It doesn’t make sense to many people why I am the way I am. I know I’m not the only one, but this scene we’re a part of, not everyone can understand it. So for my first article on this new section of the Drive4Corners community site, … Continue reading

BMW Turbos


The Modern Turbo: BMW’s New Venture in Turbocharging? Should a turbocharger sit under the hood of a BMW? Until recently, it was an uncommon site to see a turbocharger nestled beneath the hood of a BMW. It seems that the recent push for ‘green’ technology has been influencing innovation, especially in automobile design. Most manufacturers … Continue reading