A Racing Debut – Typ 328


As historian Rainer Simons wrote, “The BMW 328 is legendary. It is acknowledged by car enthusiasts the world over as having a special pedigree, presence, and uniqueness. It is definitely among the most attractive, successful, and influential sports cars ever built.” The gorgeous 328 never debuted at some press event or auto show. It was … Continue reading

Forward-Thinking Technology


Probably by now you have heard of, or seen the BMW i3. The new electric car is quite a testament to BMW’s focus on providing a green solution to the commuter vehicle market. Some may be not be all that interested because of the unique look, but new ideas and different approaches are what lead to successful … Continue reading

Featherweight Stature


This week, we share content originally posted via Stanceworks, but it is an intriguing story revealing some of BMW’s history at the point where the company was attempting to avoid bankruptcy. Their passion for motorsports pushed them forward with the unveiling of the BMW 700. Racing success was found with the rare and unique 700RS. … Continue reading

Turn Your Hymnals to 2002


Nothing describes the revolutionary BMW 2002 quite like the review done by David E. Davis Jr. in the 1968 Car and Driver magazine. At its time, a 2.0 liter inline four with over 100 horsepower was unheard of in a family saloon car. Enjoy the article enhanced with photos and some original BMW advertisements of … Continue reading