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Drive 4 Corners has a history of gatherings of BMW enthusiasts in the Rocky Mountain Region. With successful gatherings, our annual event has been gaining momentum to become an exciting event for the BMW community for years to come. Remembering our humble beginnings are important to us, and we hope you are able to take a look back at how our event has grown. See below the Photo & Video Gallery, and get an idea of what the event is all about!

2016 – Sixth Annual Event sixth annual Drive 4 Corners BMW meet took place in Pagosa Springs for the sixth consecutive year August 12-15, 2016! This event was focused on quality over quantity and was slightly scaled down so that the size was manageable for the venue and D4C volunteer manpower. It was a success with approximately 80 cars joining throughout the weekend. Once again, the annual group drive to Wolf Creek Pass was a success with individual driving groups of approximately 20 cars each. Those who went on the extended drive to Freeman’s General Store in Creede, CO missed out on the large hail storm that was encountered at the top of the pass– though luckily, it seems no cars were damaged. Visit the 2016 Attendee List here to see the list of attendees who registered for the event.

2016 Official Images

2015D 4C

The group photo was taken, along with drone footage on August 12, 2016 just before a hail storm rolled in.

2015 – Fifth Annual Event

D4C 2015 was the fifth annual Drive 4 Corners event, and highlighted the BMW 5 Series by featuring an E39 M5 for the weekend. Both the event tee and a Limited Edition shirt were offered for participants who attended. At the time of this writing, both shirts are available for purchase in limited sizing. All sales are used to grow the event for the next year. A record number of participants registered with 125 slots filled. Actual turnout was approximately 112 cars throughout the weekend, once again breaking the record for attendance. Participants came from many states this year, including NC, NE, MT, MO, OK, CA, TX and IL. Visit the 2015 Attendee List here to see the list of vehicles that made it out to Pagosa Springs on Aug 7-10, 2015.

2015 Official Images

2015D 4C

About 100 cars were parked in the Ski Area parking lot on Aug 8, 2015.

2015 Highlight Videos

2014 – Fourth Annual Event

2014 came and went already and once again, set new records for attendance! Regional caravans were a new addition to the meet, with participants will be joining others in AZ, NM, CO, and TX to travel together towards the regional gathering. Hotel location changed to a downtown location right across from the famous Pagosa Hot Springs and Spa. Click below for the 2014 photo galleries below. 2014 marked the 4th annual Drive 4 Corners, and once again, was the biggest yet. Click below for participant uploaded images, and see the 2014 registration list here.

2014 Official Images


Over 80 cars made it atop Wolf Creek Pass on August 2, 2014. This is our group photo that day.

2014 Highlight Videos

2014 Participant Images


Click for Drive 4 Corners 2014 Participant Uploaded Images

2013 – Third Annual Event

August 9-11 was the date for Drive 4 Corners 2013, the third annual event. It also marked the first year that used online marketing via Just like the previous years, the event grew, and a total of 61 cars were in attendance throughout the weekend. It decidedly marked the most unique variety of cars and owners travelling from all over the continental US to meet in this one central location.


In lieu of this, the 1000 Mile Club was created, and awards were specific presented. For more event information and weekend review, take a look at the 2013 Event In Review which highlights the weekend with a photo journey. As an addendum to the meet, participants were asked to submit video content to be made into an event video. Much of the content was sent in to the D4C organizing group, who created the 2013 Participant Highlight Videos.

 2013 Official Images

This photo was taken atop Wolf Creek Pass, in the Ski Area Parking lot. Over 50 cars made it to the top of the pass.

2013 Highlight Videos

2013 Participant Images

2012 – Second Annual Event

The second annual event held in Pagosa Springs, Colorado on August 3rd, 2013 was a great success. Again advertised via forums and bulletin boards, the attendance tripled in 2012, with a total of 21 cars in attendance. The Quality Resort was able to give discounted rates to all those in attendance, along with a complimentary prime-rib dinner to all those who came to the BMW Movie Marathon. It was in a brainstorming session towards the end of this gathering that serious thought was taken into formalizing the event with a website and additional planning.

This is a photo of the Drive 4 Corners 2012 BMW’s atop Wolf Creek Pass, sitting adjacent to the Continental Dividing line that crosses the highway. Click Image for 2012 Gallery.

2011 – First Annual Event

With humble beginnings, Drive 4 Corners started out as a small group of BMW enthusiasts making the trek out to a unique mountain town in southern Colorado on August 20th, 2011. It was nothing more than a few BMW owners from Utah, New Mexico, and Colorado to gather and enjoy the scenic views and excellent driving roads of a place called Pagosa Springs. A total of six cars made it to the event, which was nothing more than a weekend gathering advertised through online forums and bulletin boards. Fortunately, a realm of possibilities and great potential was found lurking for future considerations. These humble beginnings remind us what our gathering is about, and why we continue to plan bigger and better events.

This photo was taken at the base of Wolf Creek Pass, Just a few miles away from Treasure Falls and famous Boot Jack Ranch. Click Image for 2011 Gallery.

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