The Ultimate Sledding Machine


BMW & USA Olympic Bobsled Documentary – Driving On Ice from Pat R Notaro III on Vimeo. The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, presented another unique opportunity for athletes from around the world to compete. Athletes prepare for years, and some even decades in order to compete and represent their respective countries. From ski-athalon to Super … Continue reading

The Allrad E30 Part II


This is part two of the ‘Allrad E30’ which you can find Part I Here. I never quite explained where the ‘allrad’ name of the last article came from. Allrad is an abbreviation for the german word, Allradantrieb, meaning all wheel drive. And the 325iX became BMW’s first venture into the all wheel drive market. Four … Continue reading

The Walk of Kidney Grilles


Thanks to one of the participants of Drive 4 Corners 2013, I present to you the Walk of Kidney Grilles. Atop Wolf Creek Pass after our blast to the top! for more information regarding the 2013 Event, take a look at the following: 2013 Event In Review Participant Video Highlight 2013 Photo Gallery You may … Continue reading

BMW GTP – 1986 MARCH 86G


BMW’s racing history has a storied past, from Formula 1 to  Le Mans Prototype and even  Group B Rally. What is not as well known is BMW’s participation in the IMSA GT Championship of the 1980’s. Some of the most prominent BMW drivers piloted the March 86G chassis including David Hobbs, Mario Andretti, and Davy Jones. … Continue reading

The Allrad E30 Part 1


The year was 1980 and it dawned a new day in automobile advancement. The previous decade was ruled by muscle cars with Holley carburetors, leaf springs and backfiring V-8’s.  But by the late seventies big blocks and Hemi’s were past their prime. Emissions restrictions in the United States limited fuel consumption and forced automakers to … Continue reading