Highline GT Coupe


One of the most iconic and recognizable cars in BMW’s history is the E9 coupe. The classy coupe is skyrocketing in value because of the rarity and well-known beauty and elegance. As a great article by Petrolicious summed up, the BMW E9 was a luxury vehicle designed for those not willing to compromise in performance. … Continue reading

Built by Bertone

3200cs 6 series

Modern automotive design engineers stick to conventional vehicle design, careful to not deviate too far from successful predecessors. It is uncommon to see a new car deviate too far from prior lineage. This was not always the norm though. Manufacturers looked to artists, inventors, and outside the box thinkers to materialize the future of automobile … Continue reading

A Glimpse of the Future


A concept car is a showcase of an automobile manufacturer’s imagination. It can be a glance toward the future and a peek inside the inner workings of a very private industry. A concept car allows wild ideas to be incorporated in the framework of vehicle without judgement, excuses, or apologies. Bold ideas and striking design … Continue reading

BMW Turbos


The Modern Turbo: BMW’s New Venture in Turbocharging? Should a turbocharger sit under the hood of a BMW? Until recently, it was an uncommon site to see a turbocharger nestled beneath the hood of a BMW. It seems that the recent push for ‘green’ technology has been influencing innovation, especially in automobile design. Most manufacturers … Continue reading

The Brown Bomber


It all started with me as a typical young boy; two parents, two brothers, four grandparents and your typical pet dog. I was born in the same house that I lived in through high school, went to the same church I was baptized in, and had many of the same friends since elementary school. I … Continue reading