The Unloved Three


The E21 is the unloved and forgotten middle child of BMW sports sedans. You have to feel a little sorry for it; sandwiched between the iconic “New Class” cars that put BMW on the map and the much-loved E30. However, this iteration of the 3-Series — the first car to bear the 3-Series name, mind you — always … Continue reading

Turn Your Hymnals to 2002


Nothing describes the revolutionary BMW 2002 quite like the review done by David E. Davis Jr. in the 1968 Car and Driver magazine. At its time, a 2.0 liter inline four with over 100 horsepower was unheard of in a family saloon car. Enjoy the article enhanced with photos and some original BMW advertisements of … Continue reading

A Moving Sculpture


In the words of BMW’s famous automotive designer Paul Bracq, an automobile is a moving sculpture. A great video released by BMW this past month, tells the Story of Bracq, and one of his most unique sculptures of all– the BMW Turbo concept. This running, driving car, won the Concept Car of the year in … Continue reading

Schwarz und Weiß


The guys over at Stanceworks are known for two things; slammed cars and excellently showcased photography. And although everyone has their own personal tastes of cars, Drive 4 Corners thinks that there are some owners with excellent examples of BMW machinery over there. One that we feel is worth sharing this week is this Schwarz 2002. Schwarz … Continue reading

The Flying Brick


The M12 engine at full throttle gives off angry shrieks while spitting fire and screaming like a banshee on crack. But when BMW decided to put it in an E21 AND turbocharge it for Group 5 racing, it became something else altogether. The 320 Turbo is a serious contender on any racetrack and sounds the … Continue reading