Drive 4 Corners 2016 Event Tee Available!


2016 Event Tee – Drive 4 Corners Drive 4 Corners 2016 Event Tshirt Turning the clock back 28 years, the BMW M3 enjoyed one of its greatest motorsport victories when Patrick Snijers drove an E30 to win on the Manx Rally in 1988. As a tribute, this car is a feature for the 6th Annual … Continue reading

Whatta Drag


It is uncommon for one to find a task so outrageous that they see it as a challenge. In automotive circles that idea has evolved from school buses that pull wheelies to crazies willing to sit on a motorcycle that has had a Viper V-10 engine strapped to it! So it was equally intriguing when I stumbled up this unique BMW. … Continue reading

Carving Up the Dragon – An E30 M3 Road Trip


Local enthusiasts Eric Long and Alex McCulloch went on an adventure earlier this year to pick up a unique E30 M3. Henna Red is considered one of the more rare BMW colors, and interestingly enough, BMW had a hard time selling some of the cars painted this color. We thouight this highlight of the adventure … Continue reading

Attention To Detail – E46 M3 CSL


One of the least commonly seen modern BMW’s is a special one in BMW’s line. Not only did it come in limited production numbers, but it came with a special badge on the boot, CSL. The E46 M3 CSL had some unique performance perks that truly made it one of the best performing BMW’s in … Continue reading

Built, Not Bought


For most gear-heads, cars come and go. Many times, these very same cars get boring after a few years of wrenching, and something new and more exciting comes along.  Few times in life, is there a car that grabs a stranglehold on your attention, and never lets go. This is one of those cars. Maybe … Continue reading