Whatta Drag


It is uncommon for one to find a task so outrageous that they see it as a challenge. In automotive circles that idea has evolved from school buses that pull wheelies to crazies willing to sit on a motorcycle that has had a Viper V-10 engine strapped to it! So it was equally intriguing when I stumbled up this unique BMW. … Continue reading

Four Stroke Engine Basics


As a car blog, this site sometime jumps past the basics straight into the technical details. The purpose of this article is to take a step back and go back to the basics of how the power plant of a BMW works. The content of this was taken from the F10 M5 Car Blog posted … Continue reading

Built by Bertone

3200cs 6 series

Modern automotive design engineers stick to conventional vehicle design, careful to not deviate too far from successful predecessors. It is uncommon to see a new car deviate too far from prior lineage. This was not always the norm though. Manufacturers looked to artists, inventors, and outside the box thinkers to materialize the future of automobile … Continue reading