The CSi Factor


The BMW Vintage and Classic Car Club of America ( gathers together Classic and Vintage model BMW enthusiasts for annual tours throughout the world. Lately, Jim Van Orsdol shared the story of he and his fabulous Bavaria E3. These cars are becoming quite rare, especially one in this kind of condition. He recently went through a … Continue reading

Highline GT Coupe


One of the most iconic and recognizable cars in BMW’s history is the E9 coupe. The classy coupe is skyrocketing in value because of the rarity and well-known beauty and elegance. As a great article by Petrolicious summed up, the BMW E9 was a luxury vehicle designed for those not willing to compromise in performance. … Continue reading

The Beginning of a Legacy – A BMW Motor Evolution


As many of us BMW enthusiasts have known for a while now, the vehicles brought to the public by BMW have a few key characteristics that set them apart from the typical automobile. Steering sharpness, engine response, crisp brake pedal feel inspire confidence for all those who get behind the wheel of the Ultimate Driving … Continue reading

A Glimpse of the Future


A concept car is a showcase of an automobile manufacturer’s imagination. It can be a glance toward the future and a peek inside the inner workings of a very private industry. A concept car allows wild ideas to be incorporated in the framework of vehicle without judgement, excuses, or apologies. Bold ideas and striking design … Continue reading

Forgotten Beginnings – 530 MLE


Synonymous with BMW is the infamous blue, purple, and red tricolor stripe of BMW M GmbH. Not only did these colors first appear in the 70’s, back when the same division of BMW AG was known as BMW Motorsport GmbH, but they represent more than just a pleasing array of colors. The blue represents BMW … Continue reading