Drive 4 Corners 2015 Event Tee

2015 Event Tee – Drive 4 Corners

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Drive 4 Corners 2015 Event Tshirt

The annual D4C tee-shirt design is not always available for purchase besides in person. This year, the D4C team has decided to make the shirt available for purchase outside of the event in 2015.

The chest boasts the image of an E39 M5 burning up the pavement on the way to the 5th Annual Drive 4 Corners (see what we did there?). The E39 M5 redefined the term “Bavarian Muscle” upon it’s release. This Bavarian Luxury Sedan threw down identical performance figures for 1/4 mile acceleration, braking, and lateral G’s as the Corvette, …but with seating for 5, a trunk that could hold a week’s vacation of luggage, a golf bag, and still room for more! At this point in car design history, American “Muscle Cars” never looked so weak and out-classed as this Bavarian’s bravado proved.

The back side of the shirt spotlights another 5 series, the original at that, the 1972-1981 E12, which we feel does not get as much recognition as it should, being the leader in a great lineage of four door sedans. The K1200R Motorrad for our wandering free-spirits, the first mass-produced carbon-fiber car and new electric/hybrid BMW i3, and the timelessly silky smooth M70 V12 engine are other icons that follow the hallmark of BMW: evolution, development, and innovation.

Screen printed on a charcoal grey tee. All sizes in men’s sizing.

$20/ea, $8 shipping (one shipping unit is valid for up to 3 shirts each within the continental 48 states) Limited Availability!

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