Meeting your Heroes


Expectation multiplied by time is usually a formula for crippling disappointment. It’s the reason they say one should never meet your heroes, especially childhood idols, as the length of time between your initial idolisation of them and that chance meeting later in life usually corresponds with a decade or two of depreciation in terms of … Continue reading

The Beginning of a Legacy – A BMW Motor Evolution


As many of us BMW enthusiasts have known for a while now, the vehicles brought to the public by BMW have a few key characteristics that set them apart from the typical automobile. Steering sharpness, engine response, crisp brake pedal feel inspire confidence for all those who get behind the wheel of the Ultimate Driving … Continue reading

Pay It Forward – BMW Style


I was backed into a corner. Literally, my beloved E21 had been backed into the corner parking space for weeks at a time. Afraid that it wouldn’t pass emissions, it was left it to sit. Occasionally, it’d be started for a while. Maybe a few laps around the block. After a lifetime of use and … Continue reading