Event Registration Closed

Come one, come all, to the largest annual mountain BMW gathering in the Rocky Mountain Region! This year marks the 9th annual Drive 4 Corners BMW Meet. 2019 will feature an informal sort of event with participants joining a-la-carte style for the route segments and activities that sound most interesting. This means participants can join in for as much as as little as they see fit. Unlike in years past, group caravans will take place only along the posted route and schedule.

Official Event dates: Thursday, August 15 – Sunday,  August 18, 2019

Check in opens at 7:00pm.


Thursday Aug 15:

Friday Aug 16:

Saturday Aug 17:


Registration Cost:

Standard Registration: $60 per driver

Passenger Registration: $30

*Registration does not include hotel accommodations. Individual room booking may be made at the resort by calling the phone number above.

Additional Items:

 If you have a passenger attending the event but not driving, they will need to be named on your registration to receive a meal ticket. However, they will not receive an event tshirt. Additional shirts can be purchased separately or in person at the event while supplies last.

Select additional items below for your passengers.

Drive 4 Corners 2018 Tshirt, Select Size

Drive 4 Corners Meet acknowledges and follows state and local safety laws such as speed limits, stop signs, stop lights, and other. The Drive 4 Corners team does not accept, encourage, or condone any driving otherwise. Participants understand and accept all risks associated with driving on public roadways. The participant must takes full responsibility for any damages that may be caused by reckless driving, inability to follow traffic laws, failure to acknowledge local traffic and safety rules/ warnings as outlined in the LIABILITY WAIVER. 

NOTE: The D4C Event registration fee is a non-refundable cost. If for whatever reason you cannot make the event, the event still takes place. If you are interested in receiving your event shirt(s) and swag, please send an email to the following info@drive4corners.com PRIOR to the date of the event, or your item(s) may be forfeited.