D4C ’15 in only 14 Days! Mega Update Post

A letter from our event coordinator…

With only fourteen days until Drive 4 Corners 2015, there are many exciting items being accomplished in preparation for our arrival in Pagosa Springs. Not only does this event mark the fifth annual BMW gathering in Pagosa Springs, CO, but is also a milestone year for the coordinating team. The efforts of the past 4 years have all been leading up to offer a bigger and better gathering for all our participants. We believe that our following of participants are the most down to earth people you will meet. Participation from so many hundreds of miles away (and thousands for a select few) indicates how truly passionate and tight knit of a group the event caters to. Not only does the event bring these people, but it brings them continuously because of the great friendships made in the quaint mountain town.

I can honestly say that 75% of my year leads up to this event in terms of setting up and capturing event sponsors, planning and organizing activities, coordinating and executing, along with a myriad of other tasks. But the best part about it all is when I get to the event and I can sit back and take a look around. It really is great to see that our goal of creating a BMW event focused on driving and enjoying these BMW’s has come true. It really is a great feeling. But even better is the additional camaraderie and the friendships created in the process by our growing community. 2015 will be, yet again, our biggest year yet. As with practically every year, I hope it will provide another step up in terms of organization and execution. Our host hotel, the Quality Inn, on behalf of the General Manager and owner, has been working feverishly to give us all the best possible venue for our gathering. Thanks for all your hard work– it will be worth it!vonnieandmatt

Without the support of all those who have stepped up in efforts to volunteer, this event would not happen. I wish to thank them and comment that without them, our event truly would not happen. Your efforts don’t go unnoticed, so thank you.

I hope you all have been waiting as anxiously, as I have, for D4C 2015 because I know it will be a great event. I hope that it will be the highlight of your motoring summer. Never lose that desire to be driven! See you in two weeks :)

-Tom Schultz

RezHillGrilleWith these two weeks remaining until the event, items have been put in motion behind the scenes. The hotel management has arranged a bunch of items for Drive 4 Corners specifically. This includes a *completed* hotel restaurant, dubbed the The Rez Hill Grille, sporting some neat and exciting decorations. When in person, you may be surprised to find some Drive 4 Corners memorabilia as well! See the photo of the great progress they have made since last year! Manager Matt and his wife Vonnie are excited to hear the reaction from our group with the latest progress. Not only did they finish the restaurant area, but this week, new flatscreen TV’s are being installed, along with brand new mattresses on the already newly renovated rooms.

They were also well aware of the concern regarding the parking lot of Quality Inn last year and the are making arrangements to make sure the lot is ready for our group. They have been dilligently working on getting the parking lot resurfaced so our cars won’t have to be parked in such a rough lot. See below for the photo of the work, which is in progress as I type this.parking lot The host hotel has also taken on the challenge of hosting “The Tastes of Europe” appetizer and wine pairing activity. This activity will take place on Sunday, August 9th at The View restaurant South Face room at 3:00pm. This array of wines and appetizers will fill your palette with unique flavors and help you to relaxed for the evening. Note, there are still slots remaining, but spots are limited! Please register here and add the wine tasting as an a-la-carte item. Once this activity is full, it is completely full! This activity is aimed to add a feminine style activity to the schedule, in an otherwise masculine driven automotive event.

Speaking of D4C participants, we have broken a new record for registrants with over 110 already registered and ready to attend Drive 4 Corners. See the full list here and preview some of the cars attending, along with some of the starting points of our participants. We have more than just a couple travelling over 1000 miles (one way!) to make it to our gathering. Shout out to Garrett and Jerzy for being the two at the top of the list at the time of this writing, they both will have to travel over 1250 miles one way to get to Pagosa Springs.

In regards to getting to Pagosa, the group caravan information has been posted! Take a look at the different driving groups who will travel together, en route to D4C 2015. Take a look through our caravan options and hopefully you too can join in for a BMW caravan. These driving groups really make the journey to the event that much more exciting.

 ARIZONA Caravan Information **Note that starting point has changed from 2014**

COLORADO Caravan Information **Note that CO Springs stop has changed from 2013/2014**

NEW MEXICO Caravan Info

 TEXAS Caravan Information 

UTAH Caravan Information

Lastly, we have to get excited about the goodies our sponsors have put together for us, along with the D4C Merchandise that will be available at the event. Our generous sponsors have been packaging items together for our BBQ and raffle on Sat Aug 8th. Guten Parts and Service has been working hard to make sure we have some great items for Poker Run Prizes. See below for a great image of the items available in person.



Last, but certainly not least are the public releases of the D4C 2015 Limited Edition Tshirts. These shirts will be available in a limited number in person at Drive 4 Corners. The early bird gets the worm and these shirts are on a first-come, first-serve basis. If they are not sold out in person in August, they will be available for purchase via the web store. Click the images below to go to their specific product pages.





Stay tuned for more updates in the next week or so…



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